Tracing Mobility: Cartography and migration in networked space

Sounding Underground will have an installation at this event, and a presentation in the Open Platform, on November 27th, at 2:00pm.

Very interesting projects that invite us to reflect on place and the traces left, in memories, smiles, silences, all over the world. It would be a treat for those living or passing by Berlin.


Qualitative Research in web 2.0: the next leap, Berlin 2010

I had the pleasure of attending the conference Qualitative Research 2.0: the next leap, in Berlin, organised by the Merlien Institute. With the participation of both marketing researchers and academic researchers, we reflected critically on the possibilities and social issues of conducting qualitative research using web 2.0 tools.
My paper: “From the underground to the Internet: issues of ethnography, ethics and identities”. It was welcomed as an excellent example of the use of ethnography and the internet.

A good strategy offered by the organiser Jasper Lim was to leave the conference with “take aways”, which I found very helpful and innovative. Well, here are my “take aways”:

1. Web 3.0 is envisioned as a performative space for individuals. Ethnography and art are well suited for this vision! This is a plus-plus take away for Sounding Underground!
2. Best approaches to qualitative research using web 2.0 tools were identified as hybrids, and dependent on the context and the participants (off-line and on-line).
3. There was a “Theory of Technique”: some web tools work better than others for particular objectives in a research, e.g. real time or asynchronous.
4. Identities: imagined, constructed, and real. How much social healing can be derived from this amazing research?
5. Politics: Using Social Media as political marketing, but also as a way of bringing people closer to the candidates. A new and exciting research topic. This is an important year for many countries with regards to elections: Lithuania, the UK and Colombia! Are social media, politically speaking, equally influential in developed and developing countries?

Thanks to all the participants! this was a truly nourishing conference!

The Berlin u-bhan (metro), without barriers (turnstiles, obstacles) when commuting. How much Berlin has to teach the world about breaking walls! A powerful and admirable city. Thanks Berlin!