Recording in México – June 30 to July 6

This week participants are making audio recordings of their journeys in the México Metro. There will be 15 journeys in total, as selected by the participants. In addition, I am recording selected sound events. Journeys have variations and are a matter of chance. At the same time, they maintain both the logic of a massive infrastructure underlying a city of 22 million, as well as the magic of this subterranean space. The importance of recording the journeys lies in participants’ experience while travelling: unique, personal, connected to the sounds and to the other passengers, connected to themselves. They are using binaural microphones, improving the perception of space and the spontaneity while recording. I am giving them some messages (‘fortune cookie’ messages) inviting them to think or to react to the sound environment in real time. Overall this is a beautiful experience, which is being commented on by volunteers in the following blog:

(In Spanish)