Deep Listening Retreat

A summer Sounding, Dreaming, and Listening with the whole body. Deep Listening is a wide and profound listening practice and philosophy developed by the composer Pauline Oliveros, who works in collaboration with the artist IONE and the performer Heloise Gold.

I lived a 20th Annual Retreat engaged in collaborations for performance, improvisations, and dreaming, while breathing fully the Spanish soundscape in Nau Coclea and connecting with all participants and the world that surrounds us. The atmosphere of Deep Listening nourishes deeply Sounding Underground: its conception, artistic and performative practice and research.

Thanks to all!


Sounding Paris

Last week I visited Paris and the organisations that are interested in the project. Good news, MSH Paris Nord is going to host the workshops of the fieldwork in Paris. The RATP also has shown interest in the project and provided documents and information about its Sound Design strategy. Many thanks to the institutions and the welcoming and nourishing meetings.

Volunteers started their recordings wandering about the complex soundscape that exists in their daily routines. Some of them  didn’t find anything different from other journeys. I look forward  to  hearing from them after the first workshop when they listen to the recordings. Many thanks to all!