As a woman, I use my non-linear thinking to travel through ideas about the creative use of technologies. This is represented in my digital multimedia scores. As an artist, my expression is inextricably linked to urban life and to the intangible presence of the “sublime” in its everyday routines. Sound has been my main resource for relating to the intimacy of the environment. Underground public transport systems have been the context of my recent work. They determine the paths for, and are catalysts of, real and symbolic migrations. Their powerful sounds and technological infrastructure involve us, changing both our perception of space and time and our memory in relation to place. I am interested in what is constructed in our memories by listening while travelling, and in our options for building collective memories using new media technologies, in the search for identity and place.

During my PhD and postdoctoral study I used new technologies and ethnographic methods to create the Interactive Sonic Environment London Underground, and later to create the sonic interactive environment “Sounding Underground”  and the networked Improvisation “Listening and Remembering”. Sounding Underground is an Internet-based Interactive Sonic Environment where any visitor can have the listening experience of unique sound features in each city and overlap locations based on sonic links. It has been exhibited in cities such as Boston (MA), Manizales (Colombia), Mexico City, Towson (MD), Kingston (NY), London, Edinburgh and Berlin, and widely disseminated via the Internet. I have presented related academic papers in Brisbane, Mexico City, Morelia, Berlin, Amsterdam, New Orleans, London and Nantes. The improvisation has been performed in Mexico City, Morelia and Paris. Sounding Underground has been featured in NewMedFest 2010 in Cologne, at the JavaMuseum, and won a special mention in the International Festival of the Image in Manizales, Colombia.  In 2011 Sounding Underground has been awarded with an Honorable Mention for the New Genre Prize in the International Alliance for Women in Music’s 2011 Search for New Music Competition, New Genre Prize – Innovation in form or style, including improvisation, multimedia, and use of non-traditional notation.

To interact with and listening to my artwork “Sounding Underground” (sonic virtual environment)  please click here


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