What is it to Sound Underground? in Sound Passages: Passaggi di Suono

Sound Passages: Passage di Suono

Very honoured of being part of this Symposium with the CRiSAP team and in collaboration with the Doctorate in Architecture, City and Design at the University Iuva di Venezia.

Symposium Abstract: “Sound moves: it drifts and coalesces, it is reflected and it is absorbed, it shifts in meaning and register. And we are moved by sound, too: we are startled or seduced, sound orientates us or disorientates us. As part of a broader ‘sensory turn’, sound is becoming the focus of investigations into our experiences of place and space. In “Sound Passages: Passages of Sound”, researchers will present different approaches to sound – as a map, as a junction between perceptual fields, as trigger for memory and imagination, as abstract and quotidian, as material for composition and installation, as a way in which we are located and dislocated in the contemporary.”

My talk is called “What is it to Sound Underground?”

Abstract of the talk:

Immersed primarily in sound and moved by machines, underground commuters embody daily a rich mixture of sonic contemporary spaces, which evoke memories of listening that involve ancient caves, industrialisation, human migrations, sound technologies, urban architecture, and infrastructure technologies. During research conducted between 2003 and 2009, in London, Paris and Mexico metros, commuters engaged in listening to their routine journeys exploring metaphors that reflected on their life, triggered by the complexity of sounds and the ritual of going underground. The journey became a social path for individual meditation.

Sounding Underground, the derived Internet-based multimedia artwork, appropriates the web platform as a digital social interface to link unique and shared sonic metro spaces. The interface invites the online listener to experience a defamiliarisation of something quotidian. By listening to real and imagined spaces, within the mixture of three cities, the listener can explore a new journey through in-between sonic spaces that interweave human/machine relationships, and urban cultures of sounding, evoking deep social, cultural and political feelings from the inner experience of sounding underground.


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