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Sounding Underground  was presented last weekend in the Internet Auditoriums Symposium, along with Networked Migrations. The spaces that these two projects create can be understood as Internet Auditoriums. Here the abstract of the paper. In the symposium we were listening to Interconnected Auditoriums which create a space for collective listening, using the Internet or not, with and without wires; listening collectively to the body (in hammocks), listening to the cloud, listening to real-fiction in Berlin, listening to twitterscapes, listening to the dreams, listening to all abilities, listening to Brazil, listening to sounds of childhood, listening to the tiny movements of the Big Ben, to Venice, and to the musicality of the languages that is extracted from the non-sense. We also listened to the strike and the protest in Nantes against the construction of the Airport. Interconnected listening makes the nature of sounds migratory, do we travel with them?. Rich, ethereal, complex, fragile, metaphoric, poetic and politic auditoriums. A delicious time of learning in Nantes! Many thanks to Locus Sonus team and to all the participants! and to the city of the giant Elephant!

Networked Migrations fue presentado el fin de semana pasado en el Symposium Internet Auditoriums, con Sounding Underground. Los espacios que estos dos proyectos crean pueden ser entendidos como Internet Auditoriums. Aqui esta el abstract de la presentación. En el Symposium escuchamos Auditorios Interconectados, los cuales crean espacio para la escucha colectiva, usando o no el Internet, con y sin cables; escuchando colectivamente al cuerpo (en hamacas), escuchando a la ‘cloud’, escuchando a ficción-realidad en Berlin y a twitterscapes, escuchando a los sueños, a todas las habilidades, escuchando a Brasil, y a los sonidos de la niñez; también a los sonidos imperceptibles del Big Ben, a Venezia, y a la musicalidad de los idiomas que se extrae del sin sentido. Escuchamos también a Nantes en huelga, en protesta por la construcción del aeropuerto. Escucha interconectada hace que la naturaleza de los sonidos se vuelva migratoria, viajamos con ellos?. Ricos, etéreos, complejos, frágiles, metafóricos, poéticos y políticos; así son estos auditorios.  Un tiempo delicioso de aprendizaje en Nantes! Muchas gracias, merçi! al equipo de Locus Sonus y a todos los participantes! y a la ciudad del elefante gigante!


Tracing Mobility: Cartography and migration in networked space

Sounding Underground will have an installation at this event, and a presentation in the Open Platform, on November 27th, at 2:00pm.

Very interesting projects that invite us to reflect on place and the traces left, in memories, smiles, silences, all over the world. It would be a treat for those living or passing by Berlin.

La Veracruz Intangible – Arte Transversal

Un día de taller en el Centro Veracruzano para las Artes – CEVART compartiendo percepciones de la ciudad con 22 talentosos artistas de diversas disciplinas, explorando el inmenso y bello puerto de Veracruz – México en silencio. Este taller fue parte del Primer Encuentro de Arte Transversal.

An intense day workshop in Centro Veracruzano para las Artes – CEVART sharing perceptions of the city with 22 talented artists from diverse disciplines exploring the immense and beautiful port of Veracruz- Mexico in silence.

Gracias a todos los participantes!!!

Women and Identity Group Exhibition

Women & Identity Group Show 2011 from Deep Listening Institute on Vimeo.

Proud of being amongst this group of women. Three screen shots of Sounding Underground are being exhibited here: L’affichiste, Lirio Popular, and While you Wait. These are accompanied by gardens in summer, roots of strings in white sand, warming hands and faces in vibrant colours, and elegant women’s heads drawings and sculptures. Stills from performances, life and more life and its cycles. The music “The Horns of Hathor” (Pauline Oliveros and IONE) joins this video-dream.

Arte Transversal – Transdisciplinary Art – Mexico

See English – below

A principios de Junio tuve el placer de compartir mi experiencia de creación transdisciplinar y de enseñanza a nivel de Master, en el Primer Encuentro de Arte Transversal en el Centro Nacional de las Artes – CENART, y en el Centro Veracruzano para las Artes – CEVART. Mi charla se tituló “Justo en el Medio, prácticas creativas con tecnologías y sus vertientes transdisciplinarias”. Aquí puede acceder a la presentación.

El innovador Diplomado Tránsitos es ofrecido para profesionales de las artes, quienes desarrollan sus proyectos con una estructura no usual, empezando por los nombres de las estructuras modulares llamadas nodos, y la variedad de oportunidades de aprendizaje que los estudiantes tienen. Esta flexibilidad ofrece el campo perfecto para la creación de ideas innovadoras y proyectos donde las artes y disciplinas se cruzan. Es un espacio de práctica pedagógica dinámica. Proyectos como “El Hoyo” y “Todo lo que brilla es oro”, son resultado de práctica transversal.


In June I had the pleasure to share my experience as transdisciplinar artist and programme leader in the IOCT Masters in Creative Technologies (in 2010), during the first Summit of Arte Transversal, in the CENART (National Centre for the Arts), in Mexico, City, and in the CEVART (Centre for the Arts in Veracruz). The title of my talk: “Just in the Middle, creative practice with technologies and their transdiciplinary crossings”. Here, you can access to the presentation.

The innovative postgraduate course Tránsitos is offered to arts proffesionals, who develop their projects in an unusual structure, with Modules that offer variety of learning experiences. The flexible structure offers the perfect environment to create innovative projects where arts and other disciplines criss-cross. Projects such as “El Hoyo” and “Todo lo que brilla es oro”, are the result of this practice.

Exhibición "El Hoyo"

Exhibición "El Hoyo" por Marie-Christine Camus y Neil Ruzic en CENART, México DF

Exhibición "Todo lo que brilla es oro" CENART Mexico DF

Exhibición "Todo lo que brilla es oro" CENART Mexico DF, por TRES y Cinvestav

New Music 2011 Honorable mention

I have received an honorable mention for “Sounding Underground” in the IAWM (International Alliance of Women in Music) Search for New Music 2011 Competition.

New Genre Prize – Innovation in form or style, including improvisation, multimedia, use of non-traditional notation:

Winner: Sabrina Peña Young of Murray, KY for “Creation” for chorus, percussion and multimedia

Honorable Mentions:
Hannah Gibbs of York, England for “Tale: A Radiophonic Soundscape”
Ximena Alarcon-Diaz of Leicester, England for “Sounding Underground”, an interactive virtual environment

The full list of all winners and honorable mentions is on:

Congratulations to all!

Publication in Sensate Journal

Sensate Journal

Sounding Underground in Sensate Journal

I am proud of announcing my publication on a very innovative Journal “Sensate, A Journal for Experiments in Critical Media Practice”. The Journal has been incubated in The Sensory Ethnography Lab and metaLAB (at) Harvard spaces.

“Sensate is an online, media-based journal for the creation, presentation, and critique of innovative projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Our aim is to build on the current groundswell of pioneering activities in the digital humanities, scholarly publishing, and innovative media practice to integrate new modes of scholarship into the cognitive life of the academy and beyond.”

The journal:

My article-piece called: “Sounding Underground: listening, performing and transforming the commuting experience”

Sensate is built in Zeega platform, and it’s optimized for Safari or Google Chrome browsers. It works well in Firefox too.

Cities Methodologies 2011

Sounding Underground in exhibition at Cities Methodologies in UCL London

Sounding Underground in exhibition at Cities Methodologies in UCL London

Sounding Underground exhibition in Cities Methodologies 2011!

Inaugurated in 2009, CitiesMethodologies showcases innovative methods in urban research.

Visitors to Cities Methodologies encounter diverse methods of urban research in
juxtaposition – from archival studies to statistical analyses, practice-led art, architectural and
design work to oral history, writing, walking, performances, film-making and photography.

Cities Methodologies promotes cross- and inter-disciplinary work, and showcases recent
research on a wide range of cities.

Participants are drawn from right across UCL, as well as from De Montfort University, CUNY,
University of Edinburgh, Goldsmiths, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Humboldt
Universität Berlin, LSE, University of Manchester, National University of the Arts, Bucharest,
Queen Mary’s University of London, and the University of Westminster.

Weds 4 May, 18.30 to 21.00
Thurs 5 May, 10.00 to 20.00
Friday 6 May, 10.00 to 20.00
Saturday 7 May, 10.00-13.00

Venue: Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, London, WC1H 0AB.
All events are free. No booking required except where stated.

Programme updates:

Media Active Festival 2011

Sounding Underground participated in the Media Active Festival on March 30th, 2011 at 7pm in Towson University’s Union!

Teaching in online MA University of Alberta

I had a rewarding experience teaching students from the online MA Course in New Media Narratives from the University of Alberta, Canada. Students were “reading” Sounding Underground.

“Rather than the collective memory- I was fascinated with the potential of the individual stories that I wanted to hear. Who were they, where were they going, home, work, vacation, grief, solitude – I would agree that the acoustic environment is very powerful.” (Caroline)

“The revisit of underground through this project brought back some memories: a plain cloth police officer at the exit in one of the stations in London; a group of pickpocketers in Rome; the musicians on the platforms of New York.
The use of mixed media such as sound and photos “reconnect” you with your own experience. The new forms of media allow us to deepen our experience by incorporating the sensual elements.” (Paul)

Here their complete insightful comments and questions:

Thanks Jess Laccetti for inviting me as a Guest Lecturer in your course!