I gave a talk about my research on the 11th of March for a Research Group of “Graphic User Interfaces and Computer Mediated Communication” at the Queen Mary, University of London. One question was about synesthesia and how I have involved this fact in my research. My response related the relation sound-smell mentioned by some commuters. One PhD researcher pointed me to explore the tags that people use in the FreeSound Project, as a way of making more dynamic the creation of categories within the ISE. Interesting thought which is nourishing this aspect and another aspects about narratives. Thanks to all researchers who attended, and to Dr. Nick Bryan-Kinns for inviting me.

Auditory Environments

The ISE project was shown in the Symposium “Auditory Environments” organised by Dr. James Mooney from the “Culture Lab” at Newcastle University. A variety of projects and research focused on sound and space, and I found interesting conexions with ideas developed in projects such as iPoi by Dr Jennifer G. Sheridan from www.bigdoginteractive.com, such as the difference between participant and performer in interactive artistic projects that involve audience. Same path with the project presented by Atau Tanaka D20, an Icosahedron, an object that difusse different channels of sound in each side of the object. Recording voice was my suggestion as to complete the interactive process. 0 Comments