Teaching in online MA University of Alberta

I had a rewarding experience teaching students from the online MA Course in New Media Narratives from the University of Alberta, Canada. Students were “reading” Sounding Underground.

“Rather than the collective memory- I was fascinated with the potential of the individual stories that I wanted to hear. Who were they, where were they going, home, work, vacation, grief, solitude – I would agree that the acoustic environment is very powerful.” (Caroline)

“The revisit of underground through this project brought back some memories: a plain cloth police officer at the exit in one of the stations in London; a group of pickpocketers in Rome; the musicians on the platforms of New York.
The use of mixed media such as sound and photos “reconnect” you with your own experience. The new forms of media allow us to deepen our experience by incorporating the sensual elements.” (Paul)

Here their complete insightful comments and questions:

Thanks Jess Laccetti for inviting me as a Guest Lecturer in your course!

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