Improvisation in Mexico

These are four video documents of a sound improvisation that took place in the Centro Multimedia from CENART, in  México City with participants in the project (Group 1 to Group 4). The purpose of this workshop was to know how participants create stories in sound, using their voices, while listening to sounds previously selected by them from their journeys. This experiment provides elements with which to develop interactive options, using sound and voice, for the web. For the researcher it is important to have these trials off-line, before establishing the on-line structure using remote networking.

The participants are listening to four journeys, through five loudspeakers strategically positioned. A server (the computer I am controlling) triggers each participant’s sounds following the journey structure (Street, Entrance, Tickets, Corridors, Platform, Carriage). Participants can record their voices through a client that first asks them to tag their memory and then starts to record. All participants have access to these recordings, and can play them back. At the same time, they are listening to the sounds of their journey, via the speaker closest to them. Apart from technical evaluations, I would like to know:

1. What was their collective journey about?

2. Do you find interesting (or another opinion) to share memories of metro’s soundscape with the voice?

Group 4 Group 3 Group 2 Group 1

If you are interested in watching these videos, please send a message to XAlarcon[at], and ask for a password. Although all volunteers have given permission to publish the video on the web, I would like to keep it private for participants and people with academic/artistic interest.

This setting was created with the collaboration of Dr. Peter Batchelor from MTIRC, an IOCT partner. In México this work received technical assistance from Dr. Ron Herrema also member from the MTIRC. Many thanks to both!

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