We are “Listening and Selecting”

CD Un Viaje

CD Un Viaje

Each volunteer had an audio CD with her/his journey. They named their journeys: “Un extranjero en el DF”, “Viaje Mágico”, “Viaje sin sentido”, “Viaje Inesperado”, amongst others. They were listening for almost four hours, through headphones and selecting meaningful sounds using the free audio software Audacity. For most of them it was the first experience in editing audio. With these excerpts of sounds they are re-creating their journeys and amplifying the perception of a daily life environment. By uploading them in the project’s database they are nourishing the structure of what will be an “Interactive Sonic Environment” – México metro. The 3D perception of the space generated by the binaural microphones is surprising for them and engaging. It is not just the perception of the sound, is the relationship that they stablish with the environment, the others and themselves that is being reflected in their selections.

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