Visit to VKS – Virtual Knowledge Studio

I just discovered this post by Anne Beaulieu as regards my visit to VKS Virtual Knowledge Studio, in Amsterdam, in November 5th, 2007. I am very grateful for her words, support and invitation and the way that she is perceiving my work. Thanks to all the VKS team for inviting me for a second time to share research findings.

I highlight here some of her words, (but is worth to read the whole post and the comments), which help me to reflect again on my work:

“Personally, I was again quite intrigued by the Ximena’s approach to fieldwork and to her installation (she had presented a small part of her project at the VE workshop last year). Her project to understand and represent experience are not based on brute force (obtaining thousands of sound samples) nor on appeals to authenticity of her observation as the all-knowing fieldworker. Rather, her way of working is highly iterative: gathering material in the company of respondents, talking to them at length, going back to them with the material gathered, reworking it, gathering once again the respondent’s reactions to the transformed material, making it part of her installation. All this work constructs a very rich version of experience that requires a lasting, growing research relationship, and one that draws beautifully on the reflexive potential of respondents. “

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